January 2019


Two nominations to the Swedish Film Academy award for the film Garden Lane! The script and the photo! Congrats colleagues! Jannike is happy and proud to be a part of this journey as one of the actors.  Congrats also to Olof Spaak and Sofie Palage for making this script and film happen!

Vi säger grattis till de två som nominerats för sitt arbete med TrädgårdsgatanGunnar Järvstad är nominerad för Bästa manus och Kristoffer Jönsson för Bästa foto. Så välförtjänt! 💫 https://guldbaggen.se/nomineringarna-for-filmaret-2018


Jannike worked in LA, got her American social security number and her first American production Anika&Teddy is now up for premiere during 2019!

December 2018

ACTING Jannike Grut ended the year with both some film days and some days in a voice studio dubbing a big series for a big company… All we can say is that it was good fun! She also made an audition for a film for a good cause, and recorded another voice job.

PRODUCTION|WRITING The meeting with the screenwriter last month ended with a first draft of the first episode of the tv-series Finding your way home.

And we’re happy to announce that we’ll from now on will be working together with Screenwriter Sabina Zupanc on the script! Director Richard Jarnhed and Jannike Grut continue as showrunners.

November 2018


Award winning WE ARE FAMILY !!! First fiction, first competition, first prize!

We are family crew!

At the Live Score festival Stockholm 2018 the audience and the jury loved our film, the dark comedy We are Family, and it won an award!  It was amazing seeing the world premiere of “We Are Family”, written and directed by Jannike Grut her self, with a live orchestra conducted by Jonas Dominique, at the first Live Score Festival in Stockholm.

We won the award for Best Composition! Thanks to a great collaboration between the actress, director Jannike Grut and the fantastic composer Sofia Hallgren! Thanks again also to the crew behind and especially there cinematographer Malin Nicander  for great photo.

NOV 11 th  The Modern Theatre produced film We are family  premieres at

Live Score festival Stockholm

The event aims to put light on the film music – the film score – and 8 newly produced shorts will be screened, with music performed LIVE by the Film score ensemble, conducted by Jonas Dominique.

The film is directed by Jannike Grut and the music is composed by Sofia Hallgren. See her fantastic reel here: Sofia Hallgren, Red pipe studios


Jannike Grut plays the lead in the dark comedy We are Family.  A coming of age story for a middle-aged woman, about life death and new siblings. Jannike plays the Danish-American Nanna.

Jannike is also playing Danish Asta Larsen in a pilot for an English mini-series which takes place in Copenhagen.

Finally, Jannike is also filming in Norway, in the international production TBT, where she plays the German woman Nora.


Meeting with a younger Swedish screenwriter this month, to develop new work relations.



October 2018

PRODUCTION WE MADE IT! We shot our film We are Family in Iceland (above) and in Copenhagen, Denmark, during October – thank you all in the production team!

I guess the whole month went to finish the writing of the short. The production planning, the gathering of a team AND the shooting. The editing, the colour grading and the sound mixing of We are Family.

A production by The Modern Theatre | Moderna Teatern ab in co-production with Red Pipe Studios, Stockholm. For credits, look at Imdb:  We are Family

We are Family A dark comedy about life, death and new siblings. A coming of age story for a middle-aged woman.

ACTING  Jannike Grut was also filming with award-winning director Felix Herngren in the TEVE series Enkelstöten.

Jannike also filmed – as the lead – in a industry production, and got cast for a pilot for a TEVE series in Copenhagen, Denmark. A Danish character, but in English. To be shot in November.

Jannike has also made an audition for a recurring role in a big Swedish TEVE series and is crossing fingers that this role will be hers! We´ll know about that in early December!


The script to the short We are family was finished just before production start!



September 2018


Finally! Jannike Grut has now attained her 01 work visa to the USA. The “Non-immigrant visa for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability”! She can now go to New York and Los Angeles and film the two productions she is cast in.

Jannike Grut is also just cast in a European international movie which will film later on this autumn/winter.


Grut Productions is now in the pre-production, and soon filming an extract of the American/Scandinavian feature in development, We are family,  (written in collaboration with American Screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez, (From Dusk to dawn). This extract is a short, called Human stuff, and it will be filmed in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Iceland.

August 2018


The feature Trädgårdsgatan | Garden Lane in which Jannike Grut plays Agneta, is getting nominations and prizes for best movie in festivals around the world. Aug 3, it premiered in Sweden and got fantastic reviews all over. Right now It can be seen in 72 cinemas in Sweden! It got international distribution and there is a buzz about nominations to the Swedish Film awards Guldbagge galan, so we´ll cross fingers for that!


Second week of August Jannike filmed with Gustav Bengtsson and crew,  in his film Djävulens Marionetter,  which will be completed during the coming year.

In the end of August Jannike is taking part in a comedy pilot, TBA.


The American/Scandinavian feature in development, We are family, in collaboration with American Screenwriter and producer Alvaro Rodriguez, (Machete, From Dusk to dawn)  are going to start up again after vacation.

July 2018


Mid July Jannike Grut got accepted in SAG AFTRA – Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and radio artists!!

Prepping for some shooting in August.


Long Swedish July vacation! 🙂


June 2018


After Cannes filmfestival, we had meetings with two bigger producers  Jannike met there, regarding two different film and tv projects. One of the project meetings led us to another meeting soon, then with TV.  If the meeting with the TV company goes our way we´ll get some more development money for scriptwriting in the autumn.

The other contact in Cannes led to a meeting with a producer who actually are interested in producing our brand NEW project,  a sequel of an earlier film. A photographer and filmmaker is already involved and have said yes to be a part of the film. TO BE CONTINUED…

Jannike Grut was asked to write and direct a short for THE PRODS Live Score Festival,  and will produce a Film musical called Human Stuff which is going to be shown with the film music performed live by an orchestra, at the festival in Stockholm at Nov 11, 2018. Arranged by composer Daniel Engström.


Jannike was

Assigned for a Swedish Comedy Pilot production filming in August.

Assigned for  Swedish Feature filming in August.

Assigned for an American Web series filming in USA during next year.



May 2018


In May 2018 Jannike Grut is a part of the Producers Workshop at Cannes Film festival, to get more skilled in international co-production.

In development: (Feature) We are Family, a drama comedy together with renown American Screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez ( Machete, with Robert de Niro, From dusk to dawn, Spy kids).

Plot: A road movie about a Scandinavian American woman looking for her roots, chasing her (supposed) father through Texas and Arizona, ending up on a California beach, and nothing is what she thought.

The road movie – for an American and Scandinavian cast,  will be filmed mainly in the USA and partly in Denmark, Copenhagen.

In development: (TV series) Finding your way home aka Hitta hema Swedish TV series for kids and youngsters, about what the lack of ethics and empathy leads to amongst a group of kids and preteens, when there are no grown ups around.

Together with renown Swedish director Richard Jarnhed (Svartsjön)and hugely successful Screenwriter Jonna Bolin Cullberg (Bonusfamiljen by FLX). To be filmed in Sweden.


May 3, Improv in Malmö, Sweden, together with Malmö Improvisationsteater, at Blå Båten

Jannike is cast for three American productions, both in principal and leading roles, and now she is waiting for her American artist Visa to be approved, so that she can film both in New York and Los Angeles this summer and autumn.

APRIL 2018

Writing, pre-producing and acting in April

After the successful meetings at the Financing Forum For Kids content, we continue working with our interested co-producers, as well as on the Storyline for TV series  Finding your way home, together with Richard Jarnhed.

Working on a Treatment for the American-Scandinavian road movie We are Family together with Screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez.

The play Puck Love, based on Shakespeares A midsummer nights dream, is in pre-production to be played in Skåne, Sweden and New York in 2019. 

Renown  Scriptwriter Lotta Grut is revising her Swedish theatre play Puckad kärlek for a new version of the play, with new cast, translated into English:  Puck Love by The Modern Theatre | Moderna Teatern.

Jannike Grut is a guest star in the TV-series Katsching with renown Swedish actor and comedian Per Andersson  which SVT, Swedish National Broadcast Company will start showing April 13, 2018.