The winter’s tale… 2020

AS YOU ALL KNOW – it’s been a very special year for us all, where we had to redirect or flex our focus, maybe reevaluate, reconsider or just find NEW ways for most of it.



Last week we even got some fundings from the Swedish Arts Council (KUR) for the development of more scripts and for the filming of some scenarios from the workshop for teenagers about ethics and empathy, THE EMPATHYGAMES, HURRAY!

CO-LAB on the digitalization. Swedens biggest organization against bullying, FRIENDS, will also be a part of the work from 2021/2022 with developing more scripts, intaractive films scenarios or such about bullying.

WE ARE FAMILY – the short got another Official Selection! LONDON Lift-off filmfestival in December 2020! Also HURRAY!

WRITING Continuous development of the feature “We are Family”. Will it develop into a series? It might be so. It might be.

MORE WRITING Digitilizing and executing more workshops and webinars online. And also, writing on the book aligned with one of the workshops for actors, now making the first interviews with authorities in the field of acting and in the business of theatre and film.

WRITING SUPERVISOR Jannike Grut is supervisor on the script “Tager du” by Birgitta Liljedahl and Sigrid Oldenburg.

In a studio again! What a JOY!

ACTING Because of Corona, all the filmproductions in the summer season were cancelled or postponed… So after more than half a year (!!) without any filmjobs or even the chance to look for jobs, Jannike Grut got both two film roles and one voice job this last week.

We are so happy for her! Congratulations!

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK YOU ALL! And keep in mind, this too shall pass!

Reslience. Love. And a merry Christmas!

Autumn 2020 – here we come!

It´s been a straaange year! It is still, in many ways. 
That´s why this page has not been updated. 
But from now on we´re doing it! 

Even though Corona made us all be still for some months – especially from the end of February, there has been some acting, producing, writing and even directing going on!

As Sophia (Up Left and Down Right), the criminal Josephine (Up Right) and the German stable owner Irene (Down Left).

ACTING Jannike Grut is from August 2020 to be seen as Sophia, in the German TV film and series Der Kommissar und Das Meer – as the oldest daughter in a rich family, being on a boat journey together with the whole big family, back from her son’s wedding. A murder mystery in Agata Christie style: When Sophia’s sister is being murdered, everyone in the family is a suspect.

The ZDF series has around 7 million viewers.

Jannike Grut as Sophia in The Inspector and the see or Der Kommissar und Das Meer.

In September Jannike started to auditioning for international roles again, both a Hollywood-production and an international film in Europe which she is on a callback for.

Jannike has been filming as journalist Paula Larsdotter in the Swedish movie BECK, with renowned actors as Jonas Karlsson and Mikael Persbrandt. She also filmed funny clips with her character Babe Janice, for the humour-collective PSEUDO TEVE.

DIRECTING Jannike directed and acted in the music video “Kyss Mig”, with superstar Therése Neaimé, right now nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in the genre Dance and with the song ”Dance Love”!

Jannike Grut rehearsing. Music video Kiss me, by There´se Neaimé.

PRODUCING: Co-produced the music video “Kyss mig”, with superstar Therése Naimé. Co-producing a comedic-behavioural lecture together with renowned Swedish comedian Lasse Nielsen. And she is producing an online course for creatives, and a webinar-series for actors and writers.

WRITING: Continuous development of the feature “We are Family”. Writing for the online-courses and webinars, and finishing a book aligned with the series for actors.

Jannike Grut also workshopped with director/actor/comedian Stephen Rappaport during the summer and made several self-tape auditions lately (in September)

Jannike Grut was also the Production Supervisor and designer of a small TV studio at the innovation hub in Lund, Sweden, Ideon Innovation. Ideon got the studio perfectly timed with that EVERY MEETING was digitalized because of COVID 19.

The last of 2019 and into 2020!

The end of the year is here, and it´s time to sum up, honour and let go of the past! Let´s walk into the new year in this new decade with curious minds, open eyes and twinkle like the stars we all are. Let´s take care of each other and the world.

THANK YOU ALL I wish to thank all of you that I had the pleasure to meet this year. I am so grateful and EXITED because It has been a fantastic year full of new experiences and thrilling work in unexpected places!

I´ve done comedy, drama, family-drama/fantasy, some voice work, some ads and even some virtual reality film! I had HIGHS like filming an Action Comedy in Hollywood, and LOWS like being out of work in Sweden for a longer period. I have been gliding…and I have been struggling. So, I´ve simply been living the good old fashion life of an artist.

The last months held a lot of exciting experiences!

ACTING Jannike Grut was in London in December and performed before one of the greatest British casting directors, Dan Hubbard (Jason Bourne, Downton Abbey) and managed to get representation in the U.K. Congratulations!

Jannike was also dubbing film, acting in a VR film, and seen in the long-awaited Swedish family drama/fantasy series Ture Sventon with a Swedish star cast. Shown at Swedish Cmore/TV4 during the Christmas days, and still on TV4play.

PRODUCING Jannike is not only an actress and producer in theatre and film, but from 2014 she is also educated within storytelling in Virtual Reality and has worked with different Pilot projects between 2015-2017.

November 2019, after only focusing on film for two years she decided to start working with VR again. She immediately got hired as a Creative Director for a bigger VR project and also directed three short films within this project. The end customer is a big help organization and runs until the autumn of 2020. Jannike Grut will direct and act in the project.

Alright. Let´s get 2020 going now. And remember, the only thing you´ve really gotta keep in this business is your PERSISTENCE. However it goes, where ever the wind blows: Do not give up or give in, the ones who follow their heart do win. 

Happy new year and may the force be with you!

October 2019

ACTING Lately, Jannike Grut had great fun in the shootings of a German TV series. Below, in a selfie together with two of the leads, and a very dear (and near) horse! 🙂

ACTING The Duckpond aka Ankdammen by Robert Andersson WON for BEST FEATURE and BEST ACTOR at Luleå International Filmfestival!! Jannike Grut plays a principal character as the criminal Josephine.

PRODUCING We are Family by Jannike Grut screened at Västerås Filmfestival last weekend!

Picture from the film We are Family: Henrik Norman, Jannike Grut, Alexandra Alegren and Casper Andreas. Cinematographer Malin Nicander.

In the end of September

Production update: Jannike Grut is attached as a director, actor and script consultant to a huge pilot of a VR behavioural game/experience, which soon is to be filmed. More about the project soon.

Acting update: Jannike Grut just played the part of Irene in the German TV series with 5 million viewers in Germany.

Acting Update: The Duckpond ANKDAMMEN where Jannike Grut plays a principal role as a criminal bank robber is nominated in three categories! Best actor. Best feature and best first feature! Fantastic! Congratulation especially to director Robban Andersson on making this movie! And of course to nominated Kristoffer Pettersson, Zardasht Rad, Victor von Schirach  and all of the rest of us in the team! Now hoping for a WIN!

August – September

Acting: The action-comedy The Duckpond aka Ankdammen premiered this summer. Jannike Grut is Josephine, a Danish criminal on an unsuccessful robbery-tour in Sweden. Ankdammen is now available on SF Anytime, I-tunes and several other platforms. Good job – and thanks to – director Robert Andersson!

Josephine, on a robbery tour with her sister’s son, Rune. It´s not going so well…

Acting in Pilot: Jannike Grut also filmed a pilot for a TV series, in one of the leading roles.

Writing: Developing the feature We are Family together with American screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez. Now waiting for an answer… did we get the fundings to keep on developing?

Writing lab In August Jannike was also in the fabulous writing lab Aspö Writing Lab, as an actor, working together with the always interesting director Zanyar Adami, and Simón Revilla was filming.

Director Zanyar Adami staged the screenwriters’ scenes, OR ideas from their screenplays, short work-in-progresses, with us, the actors.

Jannike Grut was also directing two days, working with new ways of trying out scenes and characters, by using the actors’ talent in improvising.

Screenplay development After the week at Aspö Writing lab, Jannike got home with more information about some of the scenes and characters in the feature We are family.

Others got home with short films ready to shoot! So, to examining your screenplays, scenes or characters together with actors is really a good tool in screenplay development!

ASPÖ WRITING LAB – run by screen writer Birgitta Liljedahl (on the picture Jannike Grut)

Producing: Started to think about an earlier development of a VR production that has been waiting for it´s right time to re-enter the stage… It could be this month! We will start softly with a SKYPE meeting with a VIP person in VR. Exited!

The film screening-concept that Jannike Grut, Beata Konar and Maria Clauss created, Novellafilm3x3, is now having it´s second screening in Stockholm. Three new filmmakers screen their shorts with a Q&A and a great mingle afterwards. A movie-experience in the cinema at it´s best.

July 2019

We got this laurel for the win in LAIFFA for the film WE ARE FAMILY with Jannike Grut in the lead! It is also her debut as a live action director.
Now we´re also waiting for a decision on a possible screening at Burbank international film festival! Cross fingers. 🙂

Acting July 3 The action comedy The duck pond aka Ankdammen, where Jannike Grut has a big supporting role as a criminal, premiered. Jannike plays Josephine, the leader of a robbery gang from Denmark, on a mission in Sweden. Jannike Grut also films in a pilot for a Swedish action thriller, as one of the main characters.

Producing Last month finished with some work on the feature script, and work with possible co-producers. This month they all take a vacation in Sweden, so in August we expect a decision on possible co-production on the continuation of developing We are Family into a full-length movie.

June 2019

So proud of having We are Family making it to the top at Aphrodite Film Awards!!

And also this month: Finalist in Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards. JUST found out it was the WINNER of April month closed screenings in front of jury!!!

Notification in August if it will be one of the films, with public screening also, in the festival.

CAST: Jannike Grut, Alexandra Alegren, Casper Andreas, Henrik Norman and Per Löfberg. Malin Nicander as DOP.


In June Jannike Grut is filming with Swedish renown comedian and director Henrik Schyffert in the anticipated Spring Uje, spring! with Uje Brandelius in the lead.

Jannike is also one of twenty selected actors to go to Berlin and meet with nine German casting directors for the possibility of future work in German series and films.


The development of the international We are Family (2020) the feature and maybe TV series to be, and the Swedish TV series Finding your way home aka Hitta hem continues.

May 2019

Acting Jannike Grut is filming a feature in LA together, a satirical thriller. More about that production further down the road, but Jannike enjoy to work with the Canadian/Indian/American crew!

Jannike also landed a role in a big Swedish feature, filming this summer. TBA what and with whom, but it´s good! Directed by one of the best in comedy in Sweden. 🙂 (To be continued)

Writing and Producing The work continues with the feature We are Family, together with Alvaro Rodriguez, and now might end up also as a TV series! The short version/pilot/proof of concept of We are Family is NOW watched by an executive at a big cable network in Los Angeles. (To be continued… )

MAY 15 Novellafilm 3×3 Jannike Grut, Beata Konar and Maria Clauss had a success with the screening of their films We are Family, Memory metals and Cry last month in cinema. And are now invited to talk about the screening-concept at the Swedish Film Institute, by OFF (Oberoende Filmares Förbund).

MAY 14 – 25 Cannes Filmfestival Jannike Grut is visiting Cannes Film Festival as an actress and artistic director, for film and meetings.

April 2019

Acting March and April are thrilling month with two major productions for Jannike Grut as an actor, in March. One Swedish and one German. April also started in an interesting way with a production in Bulgaria! Directly after that, Jannike filmed a pilot for a TV series in Malmö, Sweden, in one of the two leading parts. She is playing a former police detective, unwillingly getting into a new case again…

Producing April 24 the director and producer Jannike Grut is in focus, while launching a new concept for screening short films in movie theatres together with two other directors, Beata Konar and Maria Clauss.

They have formulated a manifesto for other filmmakers to use, and go together three and three, and show films in the cinema under the label of NOVELLAFILM3x3

APRIL 24 Launch and screenings at movie theatre ZITA, Stockholm, Sweden.

The first three films screening, are WE ARE FAMILY directed by Jannike Grut, SAKNAD aka CRY by Maria Clauss and MINNESMETALLER aka MEMORY METALS by Beata Konar.

The screening-shortfilms-inTheCinema-concept NOVELLAFILM3x3 is meant to be spread amongst and inspire other filmmakers around Sweden, and abroad, to also show their shorts together in a movie theatre.