2024 is rolling!

DIRECTING | WRITING Jannike Grut script-supervised, cast and directed 20 shorter films in Virtual Reality for the no. 1 Swedish VR-comapany within healthcare – VIROTEA, where the caregivers have to put them selves in the shoes of the care taker, to see how the different ways of meeting them is recieved.

A very successful and apprecieted production with a lot of actors and extras involved!

PRODUCING In pre-production, a follow up of our full lenght Documentary Welcome to our seven years itch, co-produced with the Danish and Swedish television.

Also more about this after Cannes Filmfestival 2024!

PRODUCING Also in pre-production now, again! WE ARE FAMILY.

The awardwinning short that was going to become a feature – but it will now become a miniseries for a streaming service!

Also more about this very soon.

ACTING Jannike Grut recently guest-starred in the Netflix series Barracuda Queens 2. The series premieres in Netflix 2025.

THEATRICAL AGENT Grut also just signed with Malou Shultzbergs international agency Commercial Actors and her new agent there is Mia Nilsson,

Contact: mia@commercialactors.com