APRIL 2018

Writing, pre-producing and acting in April

After the successful meetings at the Financing Forum For Kids content, we continue working with our interested co-producers, as well as on the Storyline for TV series  Finding your way home, together with Richard Jarnhed.

Working on a Treatment for the American-Scandinavian road movie We are Family together with Screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez.

The play Puck Love, based on Shakespeares A midsummer nights dream, is in pre-production to be played in Skåne, Sweden and New York in 2019. 

Renown  Scriptwriter Lotta Grut is revising her Swedish theatre play Puckad kärlek for a new version of the play, with new cast, translated into English:  Puck Love by The Modern Theatre | Moderna Teatern.

Jannike Grut is a guest star in the TV-series Katsching with renown Swedish actor and comedian Per Andersson  which SVT, Swedish National Broadcast Company will start showing April 13, 2018.