2024 is rolling!

DIRECTING | WRITING Jannike Grut script-supervised, cast and directed 20 shorter films in Virtual Reality for the no. 1 Swedish VR-comapany within healthcare – VIROTEA, where the caregivers have to put them selves in the shoes of the care taker, to see how the different ways of meeting them is recieved.

A very successful and apprecieted production with a lot of actors and extras involved!

PRODUCING In pre-production, a follow up of our full lenght Documentary Welcome to our seven years itch, co-produced with the Danish and Swedish television.

Also more about this after Cannes Filmfestival 2024!

PRODUCING Also in pre-production now, again! WE ARE FAMILY.

The awardwinning short that was going to become a feature – but it will now become a miniseries for a streaming service!

Also more about this very soon.

ACTING Jannike Grut recently guest-starred in the Netflix series Barracuda Queens 2. The series premieres in Netflix 2025.

THEATRICAL AGENT Grut also just signed with Malou Shultzbergs international agency Commercial Actors and her new agent there is Mia Nilsson,

Contact: mia@commercialactors.com

A lot of premieres and one theatre play already.

ACTING Since last spring, Jannike Grut has appeared in no fewer than three premieres of films and TV series, and once again she also guest-starred on stage, in the music theatre production ‘Mamma Moo!

She is a part of TV series GASLIGHT, created and directed by Therese Lundberg, with Julia Huveus in the lead role! At the Swedish RIA-gala 2024 Lundberg won price as “Storyteller of the year” and in general the series received absolutely FANTASTIC reviews! Described as “One of the year’s most powerful TV experiences…”.

“Julia Huveus shines…!” “Adam Jankovic delivers an incredibly strong debut performance…” Jannike Grut stars as main character Simon’s “…psychopathic mother, fantastically portrayed…”

TV critic Kjell Höglund from Tvdags.se lauded Jannike Grut’s performance as Simon’s mother as a fantastic portrayal, and the tense coffee scene featuring Jankovic and Grut as Simon and his mother, is “…among the best I’ve seen this year.” (Dec. -23)

ONDSKAN During 2023, the TV series ‘Ondskan,’ (Evil) based on Jan Guillou’s novel of the same name, premiered. It is a compelling story about the fight against bullying and injustice at a boarding school. Grut played one of the teachers in the series. Isac Calmroth is in one of the leads together with highly acclaimed Gustav Skarsgård.

From the reviews: ‘Ondskan’ is… skillfully cast, very well-acted, and incredibly beautiful to watch.

The Breakthrough / Genombrottet the Netfllix series directed by Lisa Siwe, where Jannike Grut is guest starring will also soon premiere.

Here with actor colleague Calle Rydberg and director Lisa Siwe :

DIRECTING January to April 2024 Grut is also directing film again. This time an educational series in Virtual Reality, VR/360 and VR/180, for people working within healthcare. The digital experience is aimed at staff within elderly care and LSS-homes (for persons within f.x. the Autism spectrum) and put the staff in the shoes of the care recipients.

PRODUCING Communicationtraining with actors as a counterpart in the training has been performed every now and then during all of 2023 and will be also in 2024, through Jannike Gruts production company The Modern Theatre AKA Moderna Teatern.

Spring of 2023


Just a screenshot from some studio photos. The two at the bottom right, is from Evil.

Film The film Evil adapted from the book by Jan Guillou will premiere during spring. Grut plays a rough Swedish teacher in the lead-characters life. Diretcors were Daniel Di Grado and Erik Leijonborg. Gustav Skarsgård plays one of the leads.

In April Jannike has her last days as the mother of a young abuser in Gaslight – an important TV series about the rising numbers of young people living in toxic love relations. Directed by Therese Lundberg. With talented Julia Heveus in one of the leads.

And two Netflix series Jannike Grut are acting in, are waiting for their premieres, TBA.

Auditions for late spring and summer production starts coming in. Nothing we ever can show or talk about until so much further down the road, but it’s happening.

Last but not least. Very soon Grut is going to take part in an Action Sci-fi Comedy Pilot with great actors from both Sweden and the US.

Comedy Jannike is working on an adaptaion from stage to digital media, of her wonderful alter-ego Babe Janice Livepoet (political, feministic and vegetarian poetry). Babe Janice see her self more like a rockstar than a poet. Like bread and butter she is seriously humoristic and always a success.

In August there will be a new stage show with the character, and then you might alsomeet her at Instagram, Tiktok, You tube or TV – yet to be decided. We’ll keep you updated.


In the beginning of March Grut did a week-long guestappearance to help out as a director- and scriptconsultant in a big theatre-project with more than 60 function- or neuro-varied actors. A fantastic ensemble that did a great job, and an intresting and educative experience for all involved! Great job!

The film Throughout Time (Genom alla tider) got it’s first two Official Selections in Sweden! Jannike Grut directed and Birgitta Liljedahl wrote the script. We are looking forward to the first screenings this spring!

We are now waiting for the film to get the first Official selection fro an international festival. Swedish premiere in April or May 2023.

PRODUCING Jannike Gruts company The Modern Theatre is co-producing the film.

WRITING The book for actors that Jannike Grut is writing on, about how to navigate in the life around the showbiz to get a long and sustainable acting career, is on again! Grut has attached a great editor to the supervise the book project, so it’s rolling, week by week…

Together with Katja Ferm the work with the Empathy games Empatispelen is wrapped up with the making of a ” Empathy dictonary”. It’s made by the words and wishes from the youngsters we worked with in school with theatre and film. We are also writing on a report about the project.

The first meetings has been taken with an emerging comedy screenwriter about a Swedish comedy TV series which Grut is going to be a script consultant for, hopefully from late spring 2023.

Autumn and winter of 2022


Film In the early autumn, Jannike Grut was in Vilnius filming Evil, adapted from the book by Jan Guillou. After that, in September, Grut did a smaller part in the Netflix series En helt vanlig familj, directed by Per Hanefjord.

In October Jannike played the mother of a young abuser in Gaslight – an important TV series about the rising numbers of young people living in toxic love relations. Directed by Therese Lund. With talented Julia Heveus in one of the leads. Release 2023.

In December she is filming again, in another new Netflix series, TBA.

Theatre In October Grut played the last performances for the year, as the funny and popular character Mama Moo, in the music theatre with the same name: Mamma Moo and the Crow! (Mamma Mu & Kråkan)

Comedy / Spoken word Jannike let her wonderful alter-ego Babe Janice Livepoet make one more appearance during late summer, with some new poems. Babe Janice makes political, feministic and vegetarian poetry in Swedish, Danish or English. This time she performed in Swedish. Babe Janice see her self more like a rockstar than a poet. Always a success.


The film Throughout Time (Genom alla tider) Jannike Grut directed and Birgitta Liljedahl wrote the script. Had it’s team screening in November and we are now looking forward to the first official screenings, in 2023!

The Modern Theatre is also a proud co-producer of the film.

WRITING & SCRIPT SUPERVISING The book for actors that Jannike Grut is writing on since a year, about how to get around the business, and get a long and sustainable acting career, is on hold. Instead the scriptwriting for the digitalization of the empathy games Empatispelen has been in focus since September.

Jannike wrote and directed the Interactive Film Script, Who is the dork? (Vem är tönten?) for Empatispelen. Starring Simon Sandqvist and Jocelyn Leal sundros (in the photo).

Within Empatispelen, Grut also wrote a script for a one hour interactive TV streaming, for youngsters, performed together with Katja Ferm.

In the early autumn Grut Script-supervised for SKOG, an interactive film Pilot, by

Spring and summer of 22


Jannike was filming in Vilnius the other week for the new big series, “Evil” (after the book by Jan Guillou) coming up in 2023. With, among other great actors, Gustav Skarsgård.

Not allowed to show anything from set. So here some photos like headshots and full body AND 2 pictures of Gruts curly hair besides the camera on set. There you go. While making a film is more like don’t tell, show, this part of the life as an actor is more like “tell don’t show”.

CD pictures and pictures from EVIL the TV series version of the Oscar-nominated film

ACTING Jannike is also on call back for a Swedish TV series, and are regularly filming industry films, ads, making voice overs.

COMEDY and SPOKEN WORD Jannike have also been in Denmark in June, doing her wonderful alter-ego Babe Janice Livepoet, who says “I do not know if am a poet or a rockstar” But she performes political, feministic and vegetarian poetry. Always a big success! Babe Janice comes in Swedish, Danish or English. This time in Danish.

BABE JANICE – livepoetry de luxe!

MUSIC THEATRE In August Jannike Grut is back again on stage for som extra performances as the funny and popular character Mama Moo, in the music theatre with the same name: “Mamma Moo and the Crow”!

PRODUCING AND DIRECTING Jannike Grut directed the film “Do we dare” written by Birgitta Liljedahl and is now edited by Ove Valeskog and Jannike Grut. Premieres 2022.

Co-Producing the film “Do we Dare” by Birgitta Liljedahl, to be finalized during the autumn of 2022.

WRITING In May and August Jannike Grut is writing on the book for actors she started writing during Corona, : How to get around the business, and get a long acting career!

The book is based on Jannikes own experiences as a creative business-owner for more than 20 years, and also her coaching and workshops for other creative freelancers in goalsettning, longterm careerplanning and high performance mindset training.

Talented Jannike Grut is acting and directing on stage again! 2022

ACTING On stage Grut is playing the lead in the music theatre play Mamma Mu & Kråkan (Mama Moo and The crow) …about a crazy funny cow (!) who likes to dance, ride on a bike and read books at the library! “It´s an absolute JOY to be on stage again!” she says. “And parents and kids are so happy to be at a live performance. We are all as grateful.” On tour in Sweden from January to April 2022.

Film Jannike Grut also did her first audition for the year for an international (European) feature, also a lead. An older and more dramatic character. (See screenshots). We cross fingers for a call back.

DIRECTING On stage Jannike has been directing (and script supervising) the writer and lecturer with the strong stage presence, Mia Ingelström, during two month. Ingelström wanted Grut to help her go from less of lecturing towards a more moving one-woman show. The show is for women, about money, empowerment and about taking control of your own life economically and personally.

Film Grut directed the short “Do we dare” for the screenwriter and producer Birgitta Liljedahl, which will be edited in April 2022. There will also be some new music made for the film. Jannike Grut will be in the editing room working closely with the editor and Birgitta Liljedahl on finishing the film.

PRODUCING Launching in March is the online course for creative freelancers and firm owners about how to get and maintain a sustainable creative career life. Written, directed and produced by Jannike Grut.

Co-Producing the film “Do we Dare” by Birgitta Liljedahl, to be finalized during 2022.

Autumn rolls!

Jannike Grut, agents, reels and film credits at IMDb: https://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0344740

DIRECTING After producing the first part of the film “I do” by Birgitta Liljedahl whiched filmed one part in the spring of 2021, Jannike Grut now will direct the last parts of the film.

WRITING, PRODUCING Since September is filled up with film and theatre work… Jannike Grut will continue writing on her book for actors from October again. The book is about how to navigate the life as an actor not only on stage or set, but also outside set.

The film We are Family is still under transformation, from short to full length or series. We guess for an other year or so…! Persistence is the key when writing and making movies.

THE EPMATHYGAMES™ Under development are the transission of the training for youngsters in empathy: ! From IRL to interactive training with actors online.

ACTING Grut is STILL on shortlist for one of the film parts from last month, and now also made an audition for a big Brittish movie, and for a big German commercial.

August 2021 …it’s cooking again!

Finally, it’s getting so much better: Theatres, music venues, more film productions, creative projects and art exhibitions are opening up IRL. Hurray!

ACTING Jannike Grut is a part of an art and photo project that you will get to know more about (and see the picture in it’s full) very soon. Shot last week by the photographer Johan Bergmark.

Grut is also currently on shortlist for two film parts.

Acting reels and more about film credits at IMDb: https://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0344740

WRITING Jannike Grut has been writing on her book for actors during the summer. She has also interviewed several people for the book.

The book is about how to navigate the life as an actor not only on stage or on set, but also outside set. How do you create a good life for your self, when the unstable life as an actor don’t apply to the best planning possibilities.? Tips and tricks for longterm planning!

The short We are Family is still under transformation, now probably for a mini-series.

PRODUCING In September the next shot of “I do” written by Birgitta Liljedahl, will be directed by Jannike Grut, who also produced the first part of the project during the spring.

Summer of 2021

ACTING New auditions, new roles, new hair color! So now this Swedish actor is a blonde.

More news about WRITING and PRODUCING further down the road.

Spring 2021 – the light in the end of the tunnel!

FINALLY– we can see the light in the end of the virus tunnel. The spring is coming, work is more frequently coming in, productions ar starting to shoot and MANY MORE prepping for getting started this autumn.

This last year is an experience we all share. And it’s been a year where we had to stretch outside our comfort zones, flex our focus, reconnect with nature if we could, learn to be inside alone with only your own thoughts as a best friend (or worst enemy). We just had to make it through, out on the other side.

And if you read this, you made it! And we defenitely also made it!


ACTING Jannike Grut got a new part in a popular tv-series, in Sweden and will be filming in April. In February she was filming with Amazon Prime up in the north of Scandinavia. She also did some tv-ads and some voice work for big studios in both Sweden and Denmark.

Grut was also asked to, and did audition for two international movies, whereof one lead role!

PRODUCING, WRITING, DIRECTING We´ve gotten fundings from the Swedish Arts Council (KUR) for the development of scripts, and the filming THE EPMATHYGAMES™!!

PRODUCING, DIRECTING We are producing the film “I do” by Birgitta Liljedahl and the filming starts in April 2021. Jannike Grut will direct parts of it.

WE ARE FAMILY – in which Jannike Grut plays the lead, got an official selection in December to London Lift-off film festival. NOW, 2021, ALSO SELECTED to “Comedy: Genre lab” also in the filmfestival network of Lift-off, hosted in aknowledged Pinewood studios in London!

We are Family now won THREE festivals and was selected in FOUR!

PRODUCING ONLINE STUFF! We also created, wrote, filmed and launched a 6 week long online-course for creatives about not only taking your business through the hard times but thriving in the creative business over time! There will be a second launch this autumn.

WRITING Continuous development of the feature “We are Family”. We are now developing on a film and a mini-series.

HANG IN THERE NOW and go through the first cold blue light of the spring. TRUST that we WILL get out in a warmer light and day, soon, soon…

Resilience, love and happy Easter!