July 2018


Mid July Jannike Grut got accepted in SAG AFTRA – Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and radio artists!!

Prepping for some shooting in August.


Long Swedish July vacation! 🙂


June 2018


After Cannes filmfestival, we had meetings with two bigger producers  Jannike met there, regarding two different film and tv projects. One of the project meetings led us to another meeting soon, then with TV.  If the meeting with the TV company goes our way we´ll get some more development money for scriptwriting in the autumn.

The other contact in Cannes led to a meeting with a producer who actually are interested in producing our brand NEW project,  a sequel of an earlier film. A photographer and filmmaker is already involved and have said yes to be a part of the film. TO BE CONTINUED…

Jannike Grut was asked to write and direct a short for THE PRODS Live Score Festival,  and will produce a Film musical called Human Stuff which is going to be shown with the film music performed live by an orchestra, at the festival in Stockholm at Nov 11, 2018. Arranged by composer Daniel Engström.


Jannike was

Assigned for a Swedish Comedy Pilot production filming in August.

Assigned for  Swedish Feature filming in August.

Assigned for an American Web series filming in USA during next year.