A lot of premieres and one theatre play already.

ACTING Since last spring, Jannike Grut has appeared in no fewer than three premieres of films and TV series, and once again she also guest-starred on stage, in the music theatre production ‘Mamma Moo!

She is a part of TV series GASLIGHT, created and directed by Therese Lundberg, with Julia Huveus in the lead role! At the Swedish RIA-gala 2024 Lundberg won price as “Storyteller of the year” and in general the series received absolutely FANTASTIC reviews! Described as “One of the year’s most powerful TV experiences…”.

“Julia Huveus shines…!” “Adam Jankovic delivers an incredibly strong debut performance…” Jannike Grut stars as main character Simon’s “…psychopathic mother, fantastically portrayed…”

TV critic Kjell Höglund from Tvdags.se lauded Jannike Grut’s performance as Simon’s mother as a fantastic portrayal, and the tense coffee scene featuring Jankovic and Grut as Simon and his mother, is “…among the best I’ve seen this year.” (Dec. -23)

ONDSKAN During 2023, the TV series ‘Ondskan,’ (Evil) based on Jan Guillou’s novel of the same name, premiered. It is a compelling story about the fight against bullying and injustice at a boarding school. Grut played one of the teachers in the series. Isac Calmroth is in one of the leads together with highly acclaimed Gustav Skarsgård.

From the reviews: ‘Ondskan’ is… skillfully cast, very well-acted, and incredibly beautiful to watch.

The Breakthrough / Genombrottet the Netfllix series directed by Lisa Siwe, where Jannike Grut is guest starring will also soon premiere.

Here with actor colleague Calle Rydberg and director Lisa Siwe :

DIRECTING January to April 2024 Grut is also directing film again. This time an educational series in Virtual Reality, VR/360 and VR/180, for people working within healthcare. The digital experience is aimed at staff within elderly care and LSS-homes (for persons within f.x. the Autism spectrum) and put the staff in the shoes of the care recipients.

PRODUCING Communicationtraining with actors as a counterpart in the training has been performed every now and then during all of 2023 and will be also in 2024, through Jannike Gruts production company The Modern Theatre AKA Moderna Teatern.