Producer CV

Producer and Writer for Film, TV, Theatre and VR. Story Designer for Virtual Reality 3d Empathy Games/stories.



We are Family (2019) Filmed in Copenhagen and in Iceland, the short version, a kind of pilot for the feature, but with a full story for the short format, finalized in February 2019 and already made it to the top in four festivals and won in two of them! (June 2019)


We are family (2020) Feature with Screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez.
Finding your way home (Swedish TV series, int. co-production) TV series with Director Richard Jarnhed.


We are Family a short filmed at Iceland and in Copenhagen 2018, made as a pilot/trailer for the feature. It was shown at The PRODS Live Score Festival Stockholm, Nov 11 2018, and won the prize for best composition!  The film will be finalized, and shown in festivals around the world during 2019. Also won a honourable mention at Los Angeles Film Festival 2019.

Virtual Reality IN PRODUCTION

The MAKE HAPPY series (Dogoodgames)
A trilogy of 5-10 min long Stories | Empathy games about bullying in school.

Your mission in each game, is to make your alienated and sad schoolmate happy, by doing certain actions to help out. Then you both fly high, together through space, and you also become happy! 

Produced in UNITY for Samsung GEAR in VR/3dwith 3d artist Johan Ohlson, Studio-e

Welcome to our seven years itch aka Välkommen till vår sjuårskris. A drama documentary. Feature, 72 min, and a TV film, 58 min. Co-produced with Swedish and Danish National TV.   About a crisis in a love couple’s relationship, and about their desperate wish to save their relation through investigating what a seven year crisis really is.

LORRY  Scriptwriter for hugely successful TV comedy show, on Swedish National TV.

Harriet L. (Agneta Elers Jarleman)
Nattsystrar (Marianne Goldman)
Café Problem (co-production) (Ulla Kassius, Marianne Goldman)
Von Jönsson Får Fisk – a Criminal Comedy (Jan Sigurd, Pelle Öhlund)
De svagas Estrad (Jannike Grut)
Gudars Lek (Tony Grahn, Jannike Grut)
Babe Janice (Alter Ego, stand up, hundreds of performances by Jannike Grut)

Glädjetåget, Writer, producer and actress in this hugely successful comedy show, with Swedish renown Robert Gustavsson. Swedish National Broadcasting, SR, P3 – for 2 years.
Sketches for Flipper, Musik å sånt, Malmö Radiohus.
Satirical chronicles from Denmark for Finnish Broadcast Company Radio Yle.

BACKGROUND Film, VR, Theatre

EARLY FILM SCRIPTS, and co-productions
Alexander (Award winning short) with Mårten Nilsson
Ensam | LONELY (Experimental short. Selected to Arnheim festival, in The Netherlands) with Mårten Nilsson
Next stop Sovjet (Short, shown at Folkets bio) with Mårten Nilsson
Änglaspel (Novel film, produced at SFI) with Michael Westerlund
Sagan om Anton Antonsson (Pilot) with cinematographer Marek Wieser

2014  Oculus Transformer – to walk in someone elses shoes a prototype.
A story driven Virtual reality-experience in the meeting point between Serious Games and Performance Art and Film. Produced in UNITY for Oculus Rift.

Travelers Lund (short)
Feminist festival Café 44 (short)
Tjejerna i lumpen (short)