August – September

Acting: The action-comedy The Duckpond aka Ankdammen premiered this summer. Jannike Grut is Josephine, a Danish criminal on an unsuccessful robbery-tour in Sweden. Ankdammen is now available on SF Anytime, I-tunes and several other platforms. Good job – and thanks to – director Robert Andersson!

Josephine, on a robbery tour with her sister’s son, Rune. It´s not going so well…

Acting in Pilot: Jannike Grut also filmed a pilot for a TV series, in one of the leading roles.

Writing: Developing the feature We are Family together with American screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez. Now waiting for an answer… did we get the fundings to keep on developing?

Writing lab In August Jannike was also in the fabulous writing lab Aspö Writing Lab, as an actor, working together with the always interesting director Zanyar Adami, and Simón Revilla was filming.

Director Zanyar Adami staged the screenwriters’ scenes, OR ideas from their screenplays, short work-in-progresses, with us, the actors.

Jannike Grut was also directing two days, working with new ways of trying out scenes and characters, by using the actors’ talent in improvising.

Screenplay development After the week at Aspö Writing lab, Jannike got home with more information about some of the scenes and characters in the feature We are family.

Others got home with short films ready to shoot! So, to examining your screenplays, scenes or characters together with actors is really a good tool in screenplay development!

ASPÖ WRITING LAB – run by screen writer Birgitta Liljedahl (on the picture Jannike Grut)

Producing: Started to think about an earlier development of a VR production that has been waiting for it´s right time to re-enter the stage… It could be this month! We will start softly with a SKYPE meeting with a VIP person in VR. Exited!

The film screening-concept that Jannike Grut, Beata Konar and Maria Clauss created, Novellafilm3x3, is now having it´s second screening in Stockholm. Three new filmmakers screen their shorts with a Q&A and a great mingle afterwards. A movie-experience in the cinema at it´s best.

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