In the end of September

Production update: Jannike Grut is attached as a director, actor and script consultant to a huge pilot of a VR behavioural game/experience, which soon is to be filmed. More about the project soon.

Acting update: Jannike Grut just played the part of Irene in the German TV series with 5 million viewers in Germany.

Acting Update: The Duckpond ANKDAMMEN where Jannike Grut plays a principal role as a criminal bank robber is nominated in three categories! Best actor. Best feature and best first feature! Fantastic! Congratulation especially to director Robban Andersson on making this movie! And of course to nominated Kristoffer Pettersson, Zardasht Rad, Victor von Schirach  and all of the rest of us in the team! Now hoping for a WIN!