May 2019

Acting Jannike Grut is filming a feature in LA together, a satirical thriller. More about that production further down the road, but Jannike enjoy to work with the Canadian/Indian/American crew!

Jannike also landed a role in a big Swedish feature, filming this summer. TBA what and with whom, but it´s good! Directed by one of the best in comedy in Sweden. 🙂 (To be continued)

Writing and Producing The work continues with the feature We are Family, together with Alvaro Rodriguez, and now might end up also as a TV series! The short version/pilot/proof of concept of We are Family is NOW watched by an executive at a big cable network in Los Angeles. (To be continued… )

MAY 15 Novellafilm 3×3 Jannike Grut, Beata Konar and Maria Clauss had a success with the screening of their films We are Family, Memory metals and Cry last month in cinema. And are now invited to talk about the screening-concept at the Swedish Film Institute, by OFF (Oberoende Filmares Förbund).

MAY 14 – 25 Cannes Filmfestival Jannike Grut is visiting Cannes Film Festival as an actress and artistic director, for film and meetings.