May 2018


In May 2018 Jannike Grut is a part of the Producers Workshop at Cannes Film festival, to get more skilled in international co-production.

In development: (Feature) We are Family, a drama comedy together with renown American Screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez ( Machete, with Robert de Niro, From dusk to dawn, Spy kids).

Plot: A road movie about a Scandinavian American woman looking for her roots, chasing her (supposed) father through Texas and Arizona, ending up on a California beach, and nothing is what she thought.

The road movie – for an American and Scandinavian cast,  will be filmed mainly in the USA and partly in Denmark, Copenhagen.

In development: (TV series) Finding your way home aka Hitta hema Swedish TV series for kids and youngsters, about what the lack of ethics and empathy leads to amongst a group of kids and preteens, when there are no grown ups around.

Together with renown Swedish director Richard Jarnhed (Svartsjön)and hugely successful Screenwriter Jonna Bolin Cullberg (Bonusfamiljen by FLX). To be filmed in Sweden.


May 3, Improv in Malmö, Sweden, together with Malmö Improvisationsteater, at Blå Båten

Jannike is cast for three American productions, both in principal and leading roles, and now she is waiting for her American artist Visa to be approved, so that she can film both in New York and Los Angeles this summer and autumn.

APRIL 2018

Writing, pre-producing and acting in April

After the successful meetings at the Financing Forum For Kids content, we continue working with our interested co-producers, as well as on the Storyline for TV series  Finding your way home, together with Richard Jarnhed.

Working on a Treatment for the American-Scandinavian road movie We are Family together with Screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez.

The play Puck Love, based on Shakespeares A midsummer nights dream, is in pre-production to be played in Skåne, Sweden and New York in 2019. 

Renown  Scriptwriter Lotta Grut is revising her Swedish theatre play Puckad kärlek for a new version of the play, with new cast, translated into English:  Puck Love by The Modern Theatre | Moderna Teatern.

Jannike Grut is a guest star in the TV-series Katsching with renown Swedish actor and comedian Per Andersson  which SVT, Swedish National Broadcast Company will start showing April 13, 2018.