August 2018


The feature Trädgårdsgatan | Garden Lane in which Jannike Grut plays Agneta, is getting nominations and prizes for best movie in festivals around the world. Aug 3, it premiered in Sweden and got fantastic reviews all over. Right now It can be seen in 72 cinemas in Sweden! It got international distribution and there is a buzz about nominations to the Swedish Film awards Guldbagge galan, so we´ll cross fingers for that!


Second week of August Jannike filmed with Gustav Bengtsson and crew,  in his film Djävulens Marionetter,  which will be completed during the coming year.

In the end of August Jannike is taking part in a comedy pilot, TBA.


The American/Scandinavian feature in development, We are family, in collaboration with American Screenwriter and producer Alvaro Rodriguez, (Machete, From Dusk to dawn)  are going to start up again after vacation.