Jannike Grut is  an

Actress, Director, Writer and Producer CEO and Creative Producer at Moderna Teatern AB The Modern Theatre. Stories and storytelling is her core. She comes from a theatre and film background.

ACTOR – Jannike has a Bachelor in acting and has worked in numreous theatre productions, comedy theatre and stand up comedy,  music theatre and drama.  Further education in international filmacting from Denmark, England and Los Angeles. And has more than 40 + credits in Swedish and international films and TV series:  IMDb Jannike Grut   

PRODUCER – Jannike Grut also has three years of education within film production and screenwriting which led her to start producing. First only in theatre and film but after further education also in Virtual Reality, VR.

Grut has produced six theatre plays, several film shorts, two Virtual Reality experiences, and one feature filmWelcome to our seven-year itch aka Välkommen till vår sjuårs kris, co-produced by Swedish and Danish TV.

Also one awardwinning short, We Are Family which Grut also play the lead in, and directed.

And are co-producing the short Throughout Time (Genom alla tider) with worldwide release 2023, which she also direct.

Grut also directed several educational Virtual Reality films with 7 actors, for the big help organisation SIDA.

Jannike Grut started her career as an actress and scriptwriter at the Swedish National Radio Broadcast company, SR, P3,  acting, directing and producing her own material in a hugely successful comedy show, Glädjetåget with renown actors like Robert Gustavsson and series host  Anders Lundin

Grut went international 2017, and only after a few auditions she was cast for two American movies, got an NDA with a big Virtual Reality company based in Los Angeles, for developing on Empathy training in VR, and started collaborating with renown Screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez. He wrote the award-winning movie Machete with Danny Trejo and Robert de Niro in the leads, and From dusk to dawn.

During 2018-2019 Jannike played in six international film productions. She was also acting, directing and producing one international production of her own.

2019- 2021 She´ll keep on developing on the Scandinavian and American road movie, (feature or series) We are family together with Alvaro Rodriguez.

Jannike Grut was invited to direct and screen a short to Stockholm Live score festival. That led to that she took a team to Iceland and Denmark and filmed a first short version of We are Family.

The film We are Family won first price at The Live score Festival in Stockholm, and the music was composed by talented Sofia Hallgren composed and performed by a live orchestra led by renowned conductor Jonas Dominique. 

During 2019 and 2020 the film also won an honourable mention for best Dark Comedy at the Los Angeles Film Festival, LAFA. It made it to semi-final in Aphrodite Film Festival was selected to two bigger Swedish festivals and won  Los Angeles Film Festival Awards, LAIFFA.

2021-2022 She is directing  and working closely with the editor Theo Lindberg from Chimney on the short Do we dare after an idea by Birgitta Liljedahl.


From 2020 and forward she is also developing on a Scandinavian tv-series for youngsters, Finding your way home, together with Swedish director Richard Jarnhed   jarnhed.com, and renown Swedish screenwriter Jonna Bolin Cullberg (“Bonusfamiljen” for SVT produced by FLX,  and other tv-series).

Finding your way home was selected to be pitched in front of 80 international investors, producers and broadcasters at the Financing Forum for kids content, in Malmö, Sweden and got two interested international co-producers. The script is in development.

Empathy games stories in VR/3d, together with 3-d artist Johan Ohlsson from Studio-e. Story/game no 1: Make Happy was ready in 2016. Story/game no 2: is to be finished. Read more: Dogoodgames 

And then we also transform the IRL training for youngsters in empathy, to a digital and interactive training with actors in The Empathy Games TM

During her career Jannike has written, produced and performed a huge number of comedy sketches for radio, stand up comedy and improv theatre.

Business, shorter plays and theatre for youngsters
She has also been very successful in producing shorter plays (case play) and interactive training and seminars for business customers as IKEA, The Royal Institute of Technology and The City of Lund.