Spring 2021 – the light in the end of the tunnel!

FINALLY– we can see the light in the end of the virus tunnel. The spring is coming, work is more frequently coming in, productions ar starting to shoot and MANY MORE prepping for getting started this autumn.

This last year is an experience we all share. And it’s been a year where we had to stretch outside our comfort zones, flex our focus, reconnect with nature if we could, learn to be inside alone with only your own thoughts as a best friend (or worst enemy). We just had to make it through, out on the other side.

And if you read this, you made it! And we defenitely also made it!


ACTING Jannike Grut got a new part in a popular tv-series, in Sweden and will be filming in April. In February she was filming with Amazon Prime up in the north of Scandinavia. She also did some tv-ads and some voice work for big studios in both Sweden and Denmark.

Grut was also asked to, and did audition for two international movies, whereof one lead role!

PRODUCING, WRITING, DIRECTING We´ve gotten fundings from the Swedish Arts Council (KUR) for the development of scripts, and the filming THE EPMATHYGAMES™!!

PRODUCING, DIRECTING We are producing the film “I do” by Birgitta Liljedahl and the filming starts in April 2021. Jannike Grut will direct parts of it.

WE ARE FAMILY – in which Jannike Grut plays the lead, got an official selection in December to London Lift-off film festival. NOW, 2021, ALSO SELECTED to “Comedy: Genre lab” also in the filmfestival network of Lift-off, hosted in aknowledged Pinewood studios in London!

We are Family now won THREE festivals and was selected in FOUR!

PRODUCING ONLINE STUFF! We also created, wrote, filmed and launched a 6 week long online-course for creatives about not only taking your business through the hard times but thriving in the creative business over time! There will be a second launch this autumn.

WRITING Continuous development of the feature “We are Family”. We are now developing on a film and a mini-series.

HANG IN THERE NOW and go through the first cold blue light of the spring. TRUST that we WILL get out in a warmer light and day, soon, soon…

Resilience, love and happy Easter!